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If you are like most smokers, it might have been awhile since you really enjoyed a cigarette for the first time. Fortunately, with new products hitting the market each and every day, you can try new items and enjoy a great new take on your favorite daily hobby. I started exploring different kinds of cigarettes a few years ago, and I quickly found a few brands that I had never considered before. This blog is all about enjoying your smoking and trying out different products. Check out this blog for great information on items you might really enjoy. You never know--you might be able to branch out.

Why Cigar Smokers Aren't Likely To Smoke Anything Else

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With award-winning cigars on the market, cigar smokers certainly have their pick of what to smoke. If you have never smoked a cigar before, you probably would not understand why a cigar smoker does not smoke anything else. In fact, most cigar smokers are not likely to smoke cigarettes, and most people who used to smoke cigarettes and now smoke cigars never go back to cigarettes. Here is why. 

Cigars Are Crafted Like Fine Wine or Aged Bourbon

Rather than just pull wads of dried tobacco from the fields and roll it up to smoke, cigar makers take great care to age the tobacco, flavor the tobacco, and then select very unique wrappers for the complete tobacco leaves they have. The cigars are exposed to a number of ancient processes that produce different types of cigars, too. The whole cigar-making business can be equated to making fine wine or aged bourbon. Some cigars even use bourbon, whiskey, or wine to add flavor to the cigars!

Cigars Are Flavored with Everything from Cocoa to Wine to Fruit Flavors

All natural flavors and seasonings are used to enhance the tobacco in cigars and to season the wrappers. If you spend time smoking cigars and then try to go back to cigarettes, you can definitely taste a sort of blandness and almost stale sort of taste to the tobacco. Cigarettes are completely lacking in both flavor and freshness that cigars are known for. If you want to know what natural flavors are in the cigars you are trying, just check the product descriptions. 

Cigars Are Kept Perfectly Preserved in Humidors to Prevent Flavors From Fading

If you buy a box of cigars, make sure you buy a humidor. Cigars in a store are kept in a humidor for a reason. That reason is that humidors keep cigars very fresh and preserve the flavors of the cigars. The humidors also prevent the cigars from drying out completely and not producing a full, tasteful smoke. Cigarettes are not housed in humidors, and as a result the cigarettes are usually old, bland, and flavorless after sitting around for months. If you do not buy a humidor, make sure you and as many friends as you can find can smoke all of the cigars in the box within a week or less; otherwise, you will have to toss what is left as they will not burn or taste as well as the first cigar out of the box. 

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22 January 2020